Detailed information about how LEARN and our co-ops operate can be found on our Policy page. Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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Is LEARN religious?

No. We are a secular (non-religious) group that welcomes all families, regardless of religious affiliations or beliefs. We ask that all families keep this in mind in order to maintain a respectful environment for everyone.

Do you have to pay to be a member?

Yes, to participate in Class Coops and Events, you must be a paid member. Check out the Member Benefits here. Families may also choose to enroll in co-op classes with additional supply/teacher fees. There are, however, also non-paid events that we host periodically.

We never want cost to prevent families from participating. If this is a concern, please contact us to learn about scholarship opportunities.

What’s the difference between LEARN, CIRCLE, & SCENE?

LEARN is the umbrella organization whose mission is to provide secular support and resources to homeschooling families. SCENE, SCENE West & CIRCLE are co-ops that are open to LEARN member families.

Get more information on our co-ops here.

What ages are the kids in the group?

LEARN families have children of all ages. This is reflected in the wide variety of classes offered through our co-ops. We also host special activities for the double-digit and teen population.

My kids aren’t school age yet, can I still participate?

Yes. LEARN offers classes and activities suitable for all ages.

Do we have to follow a certain curriculum or homeschool philosophy?

No. LEARN families subscribe to a wide range of educational philosophies.

What time commitments are involved?

Member families have complete control on their level of involvement. You may choose to come only to a monthly meetup or teach a class in one of our co-ops! We ask that our members all volunteer in some aspect, as we are 100% volunteer run. Volunteership is customizable and when you sign up, you will be able to select the areas you’d like to help with.

Our CIRCLE co-op does require each family wishing to participate to coordinate at least one class or field trip. More information on CIRCLE classes can be found here.

Can I drop my child off at classes?

LEARN does not typically host drop off activities. Unless a class specifically states that children may be dropped off, parents are expected to stay onsite with their children and available when needed.

I would love to volunteer with the group! How do I get involved?

Teaching opportunities are available through our SCENE, SCENE West & CIRCLE co-ops. There are also a number of ways to get involved behind the scenes, with events or community outreach. Contact us to learn more.

How can I see if membership in LEARN is the right fit for us?

Prospective families are encouraged to join our free Facebook community and attend a Friday Recess to get to know the community.

How do I sign up?!

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Do I have to offer a class in order to participate?

Teaching is not required for participation in SCENE & SCENE West co-ops.

When are classes?

SCENE & SCENE West co-ops take place in 10 week sessions during the Fall & Spring

SCENE: Wednesdays 10am-2:30pm
SCENE West: Tuesdays 10am-2:30pm

**Current COVID precautions have led us to meeting ONLY outdoors or virtually, and our typical schedule has changed. We will return to our buildings, hopefully, in the future. You can view our COVID Transition Plan here**

What qualifications do I need to teach a class?

Our instructors are not required to have any specific level of education. We encourage parents and even students to coordinate classes on any topic they feel confident in leading.

How much are classes?

Class fees include a nominal fee for space rental and are otherwise determined by the convener, but generally run from $20-$50 per 10-week session, per class.

I have more questions about SCENE/SCENE West

You can get an overview of our co-ops here. More details are provided on our policy page.


Do I have to offer a class in order to participate?

Yes. This is only a requirement for our CIRCLE co-op. Every family must offer at least one class during a session in order to participate in CIRCLE. A class could be a field trip, a series of classes, or a one time class. Meet-up style play dates or field trips do not count.

Participating families determine the day and time of the activity they are offering. The schedule of activities changes every trimester, based on class submissions.

CIRCLE co-op is planned three times per year:
Summer/Fall: July – October
Fall/Winter: November – February
Spring/Summer: March – June

The planning month for each session is the month prior to when the session starts. We plan for Summer/Fall during June, for Fall/Winter during October, and for Spring/Summer during February.

How much are classes?

Prices vary based on what is offered each session. They can range from a free parent led class up to a higher priced outside instructor led class.

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You can get an overview of our co-ops here. More details are provided on our policy page.