Questions can arise throughout all stages of homeschooling. Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned veteran, LEARN aims to maintain useful resources for wherever you are in your journey.

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Homeschool 101

High School Graduation Requirements LEARN Home Education Network is not responsible for overseeing or confirming that graduates have met any particular requirements for graduation. Families are responsible for creating and maintaining their student’s transcripts if desired. Homeschool transcript examples can be found with an internet search. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education lists… Continue reading Homeschool 101


Detailed information about how LEARN and our co-ops operate can be found on our Policy page. Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions. Jump to Questions about:LEARN SCENE & SCENE West CIRCLE Have More Questions? Contact Us LEARN FAQ’s Is LEARN religious? No. We are a secular (non-religious) group that welcomes all families,… Continue reading FAQ