Meet our Board

Founding Members

Jessica Mattingly
Jessica found LEARN when she moved to the Kansas City area in 1998 and joined the leadership team in 2001. She was part of the revitalization efforts that occurred in 2007 and took over the coordination of SCENE in 2012. Jessica has three LEARN graduates and three still actively home/unschooling, in addition to being employed part-time. LEARN has been a foundational part of her community for over 20 years and she expects to be part of it for many more.

Dionna Ford
Dionna joined CIRCLE in 2008, before her oldest turned a year old, and she began helping manage the co-op shortly thereafter. She joined the LEARN Board when CIRCLE merged with LEARN in 2014, and is proud to serve our community as a founding member of the Board. Dionna homeschools her two children and works full-time from home.

Term Members

Tina Tasoulas – term expires 8/31/2023
Enthusiastic explorer and eclectic homeschooler of one rambunctious, friendly boy. She works from home for a local company, but loves to get out and adventure daily. She has a passion for crochet, reading, growing things, checking out cool bugs, and simply staying curious every day. She looks forward to being in the LEARN community for many years, and watching her son grow in the warmth of an amazing community.

Stephanie Graeber – term expires 8/31/24

Kim Crowley – term expires
Kim attended her first LEARN event when her oldest was just a baby. She didn’t become a member and start attending events regularly until she officially started homeschooling 6 years later. She is now 5 years into homeschooling her 4 kids and is so grateful to have LEARN as a part of that journey. She has received so much from being involved with the people and programs associate with LEARN that she is honored and excited to be joining the LEARN board so she can give something back to the organization. She believes in a child-centered approach to education, as she has learned more during her homeschooling years than she could ever hope to teach. She has a background in non-profit work and organic farming as well as teaching yoga. She also has a love for music and has hosted several front porch concerts for children and is looking forward to offering those again in future.

Jacquie Gorman-Sortland- term expires
Jacquie has been homeschooling in some form for 11 years, in three different states. She currently has one graduate who is majoring in mathematics at the local community college, and one almost 12yo . 3 (or 4? It feels like a lifetime, in a good way) years in LEARN, which after many dabbles in co-ops has become home. You can usually find her teaching Latin for CIRCLE, offering small supports for other’s projects, or hiding on a blanket with her dog at LEARN events, sometimes with snacks.

Jacquie has 7 years experience in business management, 9 years in community outreach and engagement. She has been in leadership with Girl Scouts, both volunteer and paid, for 11 years, and in her public school days she served as many roles in PTA including Marketing/Fundraising director, Secretary, and Vice President. She just completed her certifications in Data Analysis at KU, and has been slowly continuing her education in sociology and communications.  In April of 2020, she stepped down from the Privateers Alliance- an organization she helped create which fostered inclusivity and connections of people all over the world in online gaming, as well as raised over 10k for various charities worldwide. Her organization was also featured in a paper on successful creative leadership, and her models are used in many trainings.*

Jacquie’s passion is helping people- and it spills over when it comes to education and community. Jacquie doesn’t just volunteer, she volunteers for community projects when the mission speaks to her- and LEARN sings to her. She has fallen in love with the kids she has met, and the community that has been created and fostered so lovingly by so many families. She is hoping to be heavily involved on the tech side, admin side, and anywhere LEARN has a need she can fill.


Previous Board Members

Cheryl Westra – Member Emeritus
Cheryl has been homeschooling for 25 years and has been a member of LEARN since its inception in 1995. She and her partner, Matthew, have 4 children, all of whom have graduated with LEARN. Whenever possible she loves to go on road trips and foster kittens, although not at the same time. Homeschooling with LEARN has been a great ride and has provided life long friendships for her family.

Monica Jones

Heather Wetzel

Alisha Goodson

Heidi Holycross-Lui 

Antia Crutchfield 

Erin Liner

Raegan Buatte

Jamie Ratcliffe

The LEARN Board will have seven Board members . Five of the seven members will serve for three-year terms. Two of the members will be “founding members,” who will have Board membership until the year their youngest homeschooling child turns 16. This model was chosen so that LEARN will both have institutional memory, as well as opportunities for new Board members to lend their talents and ideas.

Three-year Board positions begin September 1st of the first year to August 31st of the 3rd year. Open seats will be announced in May and LEARN members in good standing are invited to apply to be on the Board. The current Board votes on new members from the applications received.

Any seat vacated early will remain empty until the end of the term unless the Board determines a need to immediately fill the position.  In that case the Board will elect a member to complete the term.

Except for Founding Board Members, Board Members serve three years and then must be off the Board for a year before reapplying.

When a spot is open, LEARN members in good standing are invited to apply. For more information on these roles, see the LEARN Board Member Job Description.