LEARN hosts three educational cooperatives (“co-ops”) to provide families across the metro with expanded learning and social opportunities.

Each co-op is a little different to accommodate the variety of locations and participation levels of our families. Scroll down to learn more about each co-op.

Learn more about SCENE & SCENE West

Learn about CIRCLE

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These weekly gatherings and classes are held on Tuesdays (SCENE West) or Wednesdays (SCENE) from 10 am – 2:30 pm. Five or ten-week sessions are offered twice each year, Fall and Spring. Each session includes a variety of classes for all ages. We end each semester with a week for needed makeup classes plus a “showcase” to display what we learned.

We offer classes on a wide variety of topics and interests. Some are professionally led, some are lay-led, some are cooperatively led. Past offerings have included art, dance, music, creative writing, science, history, individual and group sports, and finance. Parents are encouraged to offer classes in their area of interest!

Class fees include a nominal fee for space rental and are otherwise determined by the convener, but generally run from $20-$50 per 10-week session, per class.

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LEARN Picnic
2018 Annual Member Picnic

Details & Reminders:


  • 4510 Linwood Blvd., KCMO 64128 – Enter from the North on 31st St.
  • Large hangout space in the auditorium, a quiet room, five classroom spaces, a gym, and an outdoor play space.
  • This facility does not have janitorial service- enrolled families are asked to volunteer for 1 week of set-up before classes, and 1 week of clean-up after classes.


  • 831 S 55th St., KCK 66106
  • Open gym, three classrooms, outdoor play space, onsite public library and community fitness center.

For both SCENE and SCENE West

  • Bring any food your family will need during your stay.
  • Due to severe allergies please do not bring any peanut products.
  • No play weapons are allowed.
  • This is not a drop-off event.

Learn more about our Policies.


Welcome to CIRCLE (Kansas City Children Involved in a Respectful Cooperative Learning Environment). This co-op is open to all families, regardless of educational choices, who seek a respectful cooperative learning environment and community. All ages are welcome, from infants through adults. We are part of the LEARN Home Education Network.

This co-op runs three times a year (Spring/Summer, Summer/Fall, and Fall/Winter), and each family must offer a class/activity in order to enroll in any available classes offered for the quarter. CIRCLE classes are different each trimester based on the offerings of participants. This is a fun way to bring variety to your homeschool.

Rather than a one day, one location co-op, CIRCLE allows each teacher to pick the topic, time, date and location of each class offered. Teachers may host one-day activities, or choose to teach recurring/multi-part classes (i.e. weekly throughout the quarter, three times total, etc.).

Chat about your ideas in our Facebook Group!

After submitting at least one class, you and your family may register for as many classes as you desire that quarter.

View more detailed Guidelines for participating in CIRCLE.

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