LEARN Home Education Network is a secular (non-religious) homeschool community that offers resources, educational cooperatives, and support to homeschooling families in Kansas and Missouri.

We invite you to learn more about our organization at the links below.

  • Who/What is LEARN?
  • What Co-Ops does LEARN offer?
  • What are LEARN’s Policies?
  • What are the benefits of being a member with LEARN?
  • How do I join LEARN?

Who We Are

Our Mission: LEARN provides respectful and inclusive secular support, activities, and resources for homeschooling families in the Greater Kansas City region.  LEARN’s Values: LEARN is a secular (non religious) homeschool community whose unifying purpose is to support and encourage each other on our homeschool journey. We value the diverse identities of our members and families.… Continue reading Who We Are


LEARN hosts three educational cooperatives (“co-ops”) to provide families across the metro with expanded learning and social opportunities. CIRCLE, SCENE, and SCENE West. Each co-op is a little different to accommodate the variety of locations and participation levels of our families. Scroll down to learn more about each co-op. Learn more about SCENE & SCENE… Continue reading Co-Ops

Teen Group

Teen activities are a great way for teens 13 and up to get involved with a positive peer group! We host a number of events throughout the year including weekly gatherings, group activities, and volunteer opportunities. Most activities are not drop off events and parents are expected to stay or make arrangements with another adult… Continue reading Teen Group

Code of Conduct & Behavior Policy

We are fortunate to have a diverse group of families in LEARN who come from a variety of perspectives with respect to religion and worldview, parenting philosophies, and educational philosophies. We respect the authority of parents to make decisions that they deem best for their own children. It is important to respect one another’s styles… Continue reading Code of Conduct & Behavior Policy


As a 100% volunteer run organization it is important that we, at LEARN, put forth clear guidelines to facilitate a positive experience for both our member families and volunteers. Please be sure to go over our Policy Guide prior to (and during as necessary) participating in LEARN sponsored activities. You can also find answers to… Continue reading Policies

Meet our Board

Founding Members Jessica Mattingly Jessica found LEARN when she moved to the Kansas City area in 1998 and joined the leadership team in 2001. She was part of the revitalization efforts that occurred in 2007 and took over the coordination of SCENE in 2012. Jessica has three LEARN graduates and three still actively home/unschooling, in… Continue reading Meet our Board