Spring CIRCLE Co-op

We’re growing!

Each quarter there are many wonderful classes offered through the CIRCLE co-op and that number keeps growing! Whether you’re brand new or old hat we’ve got all the information you need to get involved this Spring.

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life of a class overview

If you’re brand new to participating in CIRCLE you’ll want to watch this overview of the class submission process. 
This is the first (and sometimes most confusing) part of being in CIRCLE.

With recent growth, we realized the need to implement a few changes and give some reminders.

Watch the Facebook Live outlining the updates below.

CIRCLE Update #1
We ask that ALL data is provided prior to class submission. (Including but not limited to location, time, cost). If a change is needed we can delete the prior entry and you can resubmit.

CIRCLE Update #2
We will “enroll” your family for your class at the time of class submission. Please be sure to INCLUDE your family in the minimum/maximum numbers.

CIRCLE Update #3
Going forward all participants will need to submit a class to participate in CIRCLE offerings. We will not be opening up classes to LEARN at this time.

CIRCLE Update #4
You will be “assigned” a section of the google doc to review your class information (please review on that doc and on the Google calendar).

If everything is ok on the class list/ calendar, please check the box that says “Mark as done.”

If you see any changes that need to be made, make them on the class list (it will show up as a suggested edit, and we’ll change the calendar entry for you).

CIRCLE Update #5
Calculate the fees for the classes you are planning to enroll in so that you will know what the cost is before enrollment.

CIRCLE Update #6
Parents will pay for their children (and themselves) in their own classes for consistency and simplicity.

Hopefully this answers many of the questions you have about participating in the CIRCLE co-op. If not, you can check out our FAQ’s and of course contact us!

Be sure to check out the Facebook group where all the brainstorming is happening.

Submit your class by Thurs Feb 7th!